Eerste hulp bij kalk verwijderen

All that glass in your bathroom is incredibly beautiful... until you notice those first dry traces or, even worse, lime. The cause is easy to find: our tap water is full of lime. So the question is: how can we keep the glass clean without complicating things? Check our low-maintenance tips below.

1. Your Italian shower


An Italian (walk-in) shower makes your bathroom something really special. The glass wall is unfortunately also the ideal place for a large collection of white lime to build up. Get everything bright and pretty again with the following tips to remove lime on glass:

Because prevention is better than cure: ask for a special coating to be placed on your glass shower wall. This way the dirt builds up less quickly on the glass, which stays clean much longer.
Contact us to find out more about coatings.

Vinegar is a real champion in the fight against calcium deposits. Mix some cleaning vinegar with lukewarm water to clean your glass wall. Not only will it be completely clean, it will also stay that way longer as the scale builds up more slowly. An absolute winner!
Sounds crazy, but it does work: lubricate your shower wall lightly with autowax. You will see that the water runs off it more quickly.
Again, weird but true: brush your glass wall with a tumble dry cloth. Try it out!
Put a spray bottle with vinegar in the bathroom and spray some vinegar in your shower after you use it. 
After each shower, spray a mixture of water with some Ajax or Antikal on your shower wall. Again, a little effort goes a long way.
Also in the category of prevention being better than a cure: after showering, dry the glass wall thoroughly with a wiper and a towel.


2. Calcium deposits under your tap


Think you don't suffer from lime? Then you should take a good look behind your taps. Chances are that you will find an ugly white stain. Fortunately, there’s an easy way: first spray some cleaning vinegar on the spots with lime and let it soak for a few minutes. Be careful not to breathe in the vinegar! It can reach your lungs, which is not so healthy. Then give it a good wipe. Your taps are shining again.

3. Descaling the tip of your taps


Another place that you might not notice, but where you probably also find lime: the tip of the tap. Dip the end of the tap into the descaler and wrap a towel securely around it. Let it soak for a while and then remove any lime residue with a scouring sponge.TIP: doing this regularly is a really good idea..


4. Lime in your toilet’s water tank


Maybe the least pleasant chore, but a good one if you're still busy... In the evening, throw a Steradent tablet, bottle of cola or a dishwasher tab in the toilet's water tank. Let it soak overnight, then flush the toilet. Any residues left? Then get kitchen gloves out and remove them with a scouring pad.

5. Cleansing natural stone of lime


Natural stone surfaces are not spared from calcium deposits. But it is incredibly important to use the right product, otherwise you can damage the natural stone. Although vinegar is fantastic with glass, never ever use it on your natural stone as it harms the surface. Always use a special cleaning product for natural stone.

6. Removing the calcium deposits from chrome


Chrome is also sensitive to acidic products. So check whether the fastening materials of the shower enclosure are made in chrome. Most lime cleaners are made of acidic products that could damage your chrome. In this case, you should use a soft cleansing product for your chrome bathroom accessories such as green soap or a cleaner specially made for for chrome.



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