A glass backsplash

Kitchen backsplashes come in all sizes and colours. You can also choose the material of your kitchen backsplash. Glass walls are being used more and more often. Not only do they look really striking, they are also very easy to maintain. What can you expect from a glass backsplash in your kitchen?

People are choosing glass for a number of reasons: 


  • Glass is hygienic; dirty tile joints are so 2018.
  • Glass is easy to keep clean.
  • Glass is beautiful to look at due to its brilliance.
  • With its reflective effect, glass makes the kitchen look larger.
  • Glass is an original, modern and practical eye-catcher.


Hygiene in the kitchen


Who needs tiles when you can use glass as a backsplash? They are stylish, beautiful and sleek and you can choose from a range of colours. In addition, glass is really hygienic in the kitchen as it is super easy to clean and you have (almost) no seams.


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How do I clean my glass backsplash?


Cleaning your glass backsplash could not be any easier! Simply use hot water and a microfiber cloth. That’s it! When possible, clean your back wall immediately after cooking. The longer you wait, the harder it is to remove grease and food residue. For persistent dirt that you can’t remove with water, we recommend our FIXIN cleaning products. 
But remember: never use scouring pads, polishing agents or other caustic cleaning products. These can seriously damage the glass!


Trendy designs


Not only is glass a durable product. It is also a totally contemporary material that fits perfectly into today’s modern and trendy designs. A glass backsplash will give your kitchen a luxurious look that really opens up the space. In addition, glass goes perfectly with other materials. Try it and see!

A glass for every style


For backsplashes behind the hob, we always use tempered glass as it resists high temperatures and is therefore perfectly suitable.
Glass that is 4mm, 6mm or 12mm can be used. For backsplashes in kitchens, we always use at least 6mm tempered glass.
Backsplashes for the kitchen are obviously available in transparent glass, either bright or matte. But why not try an opaque coloured glass? You’ll find many different colours to choose from.


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How do I mount a backsplash in my kitchen?

Your glass backsplash can be placed on all kinds of backgrounds. If you like the existing tiles, painted wall or even a wall with wallpaper, that’s OK. With our mounting kit you don't have to worry about mounting your new glass backsplash. Thanks to the right tools, you're sure to get a great result in just a few steps! Click here for the assembly manual.

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