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Judith (25) has put together a delightful interior for herself and her Cat, Poes. She learned the tricks of the trade at a home store where she works as a content creator. But in fact she has been 'addicted to interiors' for much longer.

What does home mean to you and why?
What home means to me : a place where you feel yourself and love to come back to!


How would you describe your style when it comes to decorating your home?
I think you could call it a mix of Scandinavian, colourful and industrial.

What made you choose this particular mirror for your bathroom? Were you given some helpful advice?
My bathroom is all about bold, modern lines. So I chose a round mirror. I was told it would create a more playful effect!

What's the favorite piece of decor that you have in your home and why? (Yes, the one that you would save in case of a fire).
Oh, this is a really hard one! But I think I’d quickly drag my blue velvet couch out! My DIY fireplace would be really hard to pick up... haha.


How would you describe the perfect bathroom?
I think it's important to create a real spa-feeling in your bathroom! So it’s important to decorate it with a lot of wood and candles! Choose scented candles or Jos sticks: you instantly feel Zen!

If you had to give one decor tip to your followers, what would it be?
Think twice before you buy anything! And... don't buy everything on the same day! An interior has to grow over time! 


How would you describe GLASSby in a few words? What is your experience with its services so far?
The mirror turned up quicker than I expected, and well packaged. Everyone I spoke to by phone at GLASSby was really friendly; a great experience!



Why do you think a nice mirror is a must for an interior?
A mirror makes a room look bigger, at least it feels that way! And the LED lights on the GLASSby mirror turn it into an eye-catcher!

Want more styling tips from Judith? What does the rest of her interior look like? Check her blog at: judith-huls.nl/


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