Measuring your glass backsplash: pro tips

GLASSby’s kitchen backsplashes are made of quality tempered glass. Once it has hardened, you cannot change anything. This long-life sturdiness also means that you have to be careful when measuring and placing your kitchen wall. The last thing you want is a backsplash that sticks out over your countertop. Or that your wall socket is only half accessible. Oops! To measure like a pro, follow these tips.

Taking measurements like a Pro

This might sound very basic, but it always helps later – believe us! First create a simple drawing of your backsplash. It’s really easy. Just follow the steps below. Write down the sizes of each side. To avoid confusion, do this in millimeters (mm). And always allow a clearance of 3mm if the backsplash is to be mounted against walls, worktops or cupboards.


It’s likely you also want a wall socket in your back panel. Right? So here comes the slightly trickier part. For the cropping, measure from the left side of the panel to the heart of the recess (A). Do the same starting from the bottom (B). Then measure the dimensions of the final hole (C x D).


Please note: It’s best to measure to the centre of the wall socket. Don't forget that you must still allow for the cover frame. So count at least 3mm spare on all sides.

Or leave it to the GLASSby experts


Does this sound a bit much for you? Would you prefer to leave everything to a professional? We understand that completely. Ask a GLASSby expert to drop by and measure your future backsplash . If you want, we even install everything from A to Z. This guarantees a perfect result, 100% stress-free. GLASSby is well represented in the Netherlands: there is always an expert in your area to help you. Handy, no? Why use the GLASSby service?

So now that you know the exact measurements of your backsplash, here comes the fun part: choosing one that is perfect for your kitchen! 


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