Why use GLASSby for your
 glass doors ?

Add an extra shine to your rooms with a glass door. When you let in more light it’s almost like opening up a wider space. In addition, a glass door adds character to your interior.

GLASSby for
your glass doors

Glassby rooted doors with hinges
Built-in doors with hinges

This door is attached to the side or at the ends. Very easy to open and close.

Glassby rooted doors with pivot  
Built-in doors with pivots

The pivoting door stands out with its handy opening system. A small nudge with the hand and it’s ready.

Glassby sliding doors 
Sliding doors

Choose doors that are both wonderfully compact and trendy. The magic lies in the invisible integrated techniques.

Not available, please contact us!

Minimal space, maximum effect.

A door handle that doesn’t steal the show but brings a fantastic finishing touch. A GLASSby handle really sets off your glass door. 

We design all the options to last. So your glass doors will function perfectly even after years of use.


How do you install a glass door?



Leave it to GLASSby

Not really a handyman, or have too little time to do everything yourself? For our team of experts a small effort gives you a fantastic result. 

Measurement, installation:

Let us do the measurement and/or installation so you can enjoy your purchase 100% stress-free.



I'll do it myself 

Can you fit the glass door yourself? Oh well, you rock ! Our useful guide and video tutorials help you to this adventure. 

Don’t think you have the right tools to get started at home? Add our installation kit to your shopping cart and roll up your sleeves!



Our promise: 100% reliability

Personal advice

Glass is all we do, and we love to share our knowledge. If you have a question, we'd love to help.

Reliable deliveries

Our meticulous packaging guarantees that your backsplash will arrive in perfect condition.

Perfect installation

Our professional measurement and/or installation service ensures perfect installation with zero stress. Trust us to bring you a great result. But if you like, you can easily install our products yourself.


Could your house be an inspiration?

See some houses that were given a GLASSby makeover by following the #GLASSbyMe hashtag. Will yours soon be on this list? 😉


The  approach

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