Why choose a
glass backsplash?

A glass backsplash protects your wall from just about anything that can happen while cooking. "It can also give a great atmosphere to your kitchen, feel free to make it a real eye-catcher!

Choose a backsplash design that really sets off your interior.


The perfect choice for
your kitchen


Our backsplashes are no less than 6mm deep. And not only are they sturdy, they are also UV and heat resistant up to 200°C.


Glass is totally hygienic and easy to clean - perfect for keeping a kitchen spotless.

Perfect look

The edges of your backsplash are perfectly finished. The result is both stylish and safe.

Measuring your glass backsplash: pro tips
Tips and tricks
Measuring your glass backsplash: pro tips

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A glass backsplash
Tips and tricks
A glass backsplash

GLASSby gets it done

Choose simplicity!

Our team of experts provides a complete installation
for you, from just € 275. 



Our promise: 100% reliability

Personal advice

Glass is all we do, and we love to share our knowledge. If you have a question, we'd love to help.

Reliable deliveries

Our meticulous packaging guarantees that your backsplash will arrive in perfect condition.

Perfect installation

Our professional measurement and/or installation service ensures perfect installation with zero stress. Trust us to bring you a great result. But if you like, you can easily install our products yourself.


Could your house be an inspiration?

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